Imagine if you could lose weight forever!

The Bright Line Eating System is science, it is a formula, it is your one way ticket out.

The promised land lives here.

Are you ready to take on your brain?

Can you imagine your noggin might be effecting your weight loss?

High fives and deep bows. Now that’s the hard truth is out. Let’s get this conversation started.

Maybe you feel like you have it all together “on the outside”-the job, the relationships, cozy home, great close friends,  and if you convince yourself, you usually have fun!! Something palpable still feels like it’s missing.  

You feel frustrated because you are smart enough to figure out what that something is, and maybe you have even become a little jaded?

You are a good person, but you also know you should probably take better care of yourself, eat better, meditate,  get a grip on your moods.  

You think it must be possible to feel better than this but there is always a heavy feeling lingering… you want to be more joyful and purposeful, experience less anxiety,  be more organized, energized and alive-but you don’t know-how.

Again and again, you incorporate your excuses into our identity-

“I’m tired.  I didn’t sleep.  I’m always crazy in relationships.  No one gets me.  I just have bad digestion, metabolism, blood sugar problems, etc. I am fat and  I’m a loser.”

The list goes on and none of this needs to be true about you.

Like many of us you have read quotes like this one over and over:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”

And it just doesn’t make sense?

Why is it that we are afraid to be magnificent?

What if…

1. you are a bright shining star in your life

2. you were at peace with your body

 3. you knew the magic  formula to lose weight  forever

Now, the next step is to make your Bright Mind Bright Body happen the best way you possibly can.

If you’re struggling with HOW then this is an absolute, non-negotiable necessity.  

Weighing in.


Understand how neuroscience and food addiction goes beyond dieting into the depths of psychology and how a comprehensive system can work withyour brain to support sustainable weight loss.



Bright Lines—clear, straightforward rules you don’t break, no matter what. The four Bright Lines are: No Sugar, No Flour, 3 Meals, and Exact Quantities.


Learn how to be precise with your eating, but you don’t have to restrict portions to tiny amounts and you can enjoy eating a lot of whole, real food.


I’m so happy to learn about Bright Line Eating from Kathleen. I am so very grateful for all the ways my brain is healing and working to assist me on this journey. I’ve found that when I have all my food (veggies/proteins/grains) prepared I’m that much more successful. I’m extremely happy and grateful that I was given this gift and that I know  how I can sustain my goal weight for life.

Lynne Houser




How far do you have to go lose weight?

What do you have to lose? Read on.

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