On this Addictionary podcast episode, I’m dishing out all the details on how to I landed in the land of sobriety!

The way recovery translates into profound changes, and the wildest nature of our lives and what happens.

I promise I am the pirate of picking up what you’re putting down.

No joke, I have forged some scary storms on this awakened ship. Listen here.

I’m sure you agree that not ALL recovery stories are created equal, right?

If you’re just getting started in recovery (and even if you’ve been at it for a while), this might feel more anxiety-provoking than a backed-up airport security line or like you’ve found someone slightly more or less crazy than you!

I’ve learned a lot and sharing my hard-won knowledge with you lights me up.

Research shows that the most significant factor in a successful outcome is the connection and relationship with your recovery—what you might describe as the experience of “feeling felt.”

Harnessing our power to create that future, altogether uncertain as it is (the whole point really), drives everything that I do. From coaching to writing to energy work, exploring science, to how I love others and how I talk to myself. All of it.

And while I’ve fancied myself a one-woman show, I’ve never done any of it alone.

We can’t do anything significant alone. It takes a village. It takes a movement.

Asking for support can be complex, especially those of us self-sufficient types who can do it all on our own but are slowly starting to notice the barrier that sets up in creating more loving, authentic relationships. Sound familiar?

Listen to this week’s podcast and start building your dream recovery today! >>

Over 1000 sober days under my belt over the last 3 years, and losing 110lbs – you’re in very safe hands. I’m here to make sure you crush your goals.

You can do what I did. My mission is to show you how.

I love you. I believe in you. I hope to see you there!