Bright Line Eating is the skeleton key to unlock ancient addiction doors, because natural whole food can truly change the way your brain and your body works.

What’s the point of doing Bright Line Eating? The goal? The aim?

Four Bright Lines

Bright Line Eating relies on four bright lines which you do not cross in order to heal your brain from addiction and lose weight.

  1. The first bright line is no sugar. Not sugar of any kind… including no stevia, no aspartame, no dried fruits, no coconut nectar, not anything sweet added to your food or drink, no maple syrup or honey . Nada. Ever.
  2. The second bright line is no flour. Nothing refined. No rice flour, no stone ground corn flour, no bread, no batter, no breaded anything, no coconut flour, no panko or tempura.
  3. The third bright line is there is no snacking between meals; you eat exactly 3 meals per day. No exceptions.
  4. The best and brightest line, weigh and measure all foods.

Breakfast – 1 protein, 1 grain, 1 fruit

Lunch – 1 protein, 1 fruit, 6oz veggies, 1 fat

Dinner – 1 protein, 14oz veggies, 1 fat

Even as counter intuitive as it sounds, promoting and following rules actually creates freedom.

Bright Line Eating Staples

Here is a simple list that can give you an idea of how Bright Liners eat.


  1. Eggs – Eggs are easy peasy. Eggs are essentially a back up protein at any meal. When traveling, pack hard-boiled eggs baby.
  2. Cheese – Super versatile, packing food or in meals cheese can be a fat or a protein. There are many options to buy cheese in 1 oz packages.
  3. Animal protein – My preference is to buy local, farm raised meat- as a farm girl that makes sense to me. Most meals are prepared in larger quantities so that lunches can include left overs.
  4. Yogurt – Using plain yogurt as a base for a hearty breakfast. One serving is 8 oz, which is A LOT of yogurt! If that is too much try 1/2 cup of yogurt and add 1 oz of nuts.
  5. Almond Butter – Natural nut butters without sugar is really easy to find. Serve breakfast or add as a fat with your fruit.
  6. Hummus – Great, great, great choice! Especially with veggies.
  7. Beans – A pillar for plant based meal plans.


  1. Sprouted Grain Bread – Ezekial bread is a sprouted grain bread which is different from a refined flour bread.
  2. Rice Cakes – Travels easy. Some flavors do have non-BLE ingredients. Stick to the original flavour.
  3. Oatmeal – Precook or soak overnight with dairy.
  4. Rice – Brown rice is full of protein.
  5. Potato/sweet potato – Delicious baked and can be stored for days.


  1. Almonds – One portion of nuts is only about 11-12 almonds and one fat serving.
  2. Butter – Butter lacks the convenience of something that I can eat by itself often a #1 for fat serving.
  3. Olive Oil – This one almost didn’t make the cut. One tablespoon of these on a bed of greens in bliss.
  4. Cheese – Topping for salads, or a quick addition to making adding fat easy.
  5. Avocados – Super versatile and adds flavour and texture to any meal.


  1. Apples/pears/oranges – A fruit serving is 1 piece of fruit or measured 6oz.
  2. Berries– Reference packaging but most stores carry servings measuring out 6oz.
  3. Pineapple/bananas – Tropical fruits are higher in natural sugars, eat less of these fruits.


  1. Raw Veggies – More specifically, raw veggies that can be eaten plain. A favourite, totally portable vegetable is a single English cucumber(usually weighing between 12-14oz!!) or a head of romaine lettuce is 6oz.
  2. Baked vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, squash, eggplant, mushrooms are common staples. Stock up cooked veggies for premade meals.
  3. Kale – ” The secret of life is kale” Ellen DeGeneres

The Bottom Line

By far one of the best aspects of Bright Line Eating is a tremendous amount of support that members of the program specified in the Boot Camps. Bright Lifers is a membership support system beyond boot camp. With BLE you’re never on your own if you use the vast resources in the ready-made for success community!

I promise I’ve been in your shoes! It is hard to imagine reaching out and fitting into a group of food addicts!!

It’s also so hard to feel stuck and unable to get back on track alone!

There are many ways to get support to help you stick with the Bright Lines.

  • Boot camp weekly coaching calls staying engaged and a connection is available for anyone who has requested coaching for special program needs. The group calls help while learning with others that are working toward the same goal.
  • Facebook Community is a very proactive group for sharing and support- groups are moderated by former successful boot campers.
  • Mastermind Groups are encouraged but sprout up organically. BLE offers the framework to run these groups.
  • A committed and trained coaching/support staff offered for anyone who wants program help. One-on-one support, for real.

The bottom line of Bright Line Eating is that it is not for the faint-hearted, some believe this program is “impossible”. It can be tough, yes, for permanent change Bright Line Eating is the way to go.

As a Bright Line Eater, we do not avoid the problem, the “problem” has been removed. Most joiners never knew that sugar or flour was the culprit. Becoming unaddicted is the main key but if someone needs to get the pounds off and wants to have long-lasting weight loss and live at a healthy weight, this is the road map to food freedom.

Stop the madness

Mind madness exists and is it different for everyone depending on high vs. medium vs. low on the Susceptibility Scale? (its a 2-minute quiz)

Take a moment and notice what is taking up space in your brain? The question…who would I be without the food thoughts?

Bright Line Eating creates the idea of food neutrality, keeping you safe and protected. Bright Line Eating quite literally saved thousands of addicts.

Imagine for the first time in your life, you have peace around food in your mind and in your heart?

The incredible truth is that Bright Line Eating works SO well.

Getting off sugar and flour is not new, but the support BLE is! A giving community, the videos, the tools, the coaching- Susan Peirce Thompson is the genius behind the work and well all that is nothing short of breathtaking and life altering!

Today is my Day 587 of Bright Line Eating and I have just begun this transformation, my head is crystal clear and my body is 100lb lighter.

If you are someone seeking true pure help, well, you just could not go wrong learning Bright Line Eating from Susan Peirce Thompson, she is incredible. The content that is shared in this webinar is the culmination of decades of her work in the field of brain science.

You’re going to love it! You’ll want to attend!

Every cell of my body feels deep gratitude now purely fed by Bright Line Eating.

September 2015 Size 18 – May 2019 Size 8

Dr. Susan has created a FREE Masterclass video series to explain everything she’s discovered about actually achieving sustainable weight loss.


At this pivotal, sobering, and transformational time in history, we’re called forth to build connection and create community. I challenge you to walk the road less traveled and remember that there will ALWAYS be a win-win solution available.

In the spirit of full disclosure, if you enroll in the 14-Day Challenge or Bootcamp via my link, I’ll receive a commission. The reason why I devote so much time and energy into creating my website is because of this life-changing experience. Because your success is important to me, I only recommend programs that I’ve personally used to create real results and I am a proud flag-waving citizen of Happy, Thin and Free.

Still not sure? No problem!!


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