Bright Line Eating has been my daily healthy choice since October 2016, if you read my earlier blogs you might know prior to my brilliant decision to join boot camp I was the host of an insane brain that had a strange mental blind spot to addiction even though I was a binge eater and just a “few” a day boozer.


Back then, as an enthusiastic boot camp amateur, it was super clear early on that bright, bright lines was the key to repair my severely damaged relationship with food.


It is no secret now, I spent the vast majority of my life turning to food to deal, to celebrate, to sooth and of course, to join me on all my worldly adventures!  But worse…traveling, vacation, even a lowly road trip was merely a highway to a cultured bender involving plump plates and mountains of outstanding exotic snacks! (because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right??)


The ultimate round trip ticket is no longer an all-inclusive because l discovered learning how to live life without an endless buffet going back to the fantasy of food being the central focus of any event no matter where on earth, how or who I am with.


Being a self-professed nerd,  I crave systems. Bright Line Eating has been so generously designed and provided the exact framework for success.  It gives fundamental rules, and additional insight helps redirect my focus from white knuckling to trusting a food plan based in neuroscience. Now I can really throw myself into the exciting part about learning how to live my life by turning to other wholesome means of dealing with the joys in traveling, breathing in life and truth into the history of the world of instead of always finding ways to more food…


Bright Line Eating is not something I do, it’s something I am. Bright Line Eating isn’t just a way to lose excess pounds—that’s not really the point.  Since I am at my goal weight and Bright Line Eating is my now normal. It’s all about awareness on a moment to moment basis! Traveling with a reliable system is all that I ever genuinely dreamed of.  Easy peasy in life and on the road of life! Therefore everywhere I go Bright Line Eating comes along!


While you’re busy learning about new people, places, history, and culture, you’ll also be learning a lot about yourself. Because you’re here now, in the right place at the right time, I’d like to help you take back the ship and set a new course for sober clarity and inner peace.  My stewardship in Bright Line Eating is to inspire and educate many people through my insight, my addiction recovery experience, and the wisdom I’ve gained by losing 100 lbs. (1000 days strong!!)


Travels force you to either crumble or revel in uncertainty. Focus on we want to be. Focus on who you are wherever you are. Get the inner work solidified, and the outer work takes care of itself. The consequence of being Happy, Thin, and Free who we choose to be is getting the results we have always wanted.


Getting lost and learning to be a little courageous because for changes to be lasting and impactful, they have to be part of your identity. The trajectory of growth that will ultimately free you up to enjoy the world and your life again – on your terms. (truth is, you just can’t find this anywhere else)

Getting lost is an essential part of traveling and experience – it presents new challenges, and thus new ways of overcoming them. Plus, it can turn into a spontaneous adventure! You’re here now because something was not right. Bright Line Eating cannot only help you solve that issue, but you will have a system and strategy that can actually set your life in a new direction.

You can shortcut years of trial and error by choosing Bright Line Eating,  the proven system thousands of successful people have trusted in, the program that people in more than 190 countries have lost more than *400,000 pounds with Bright Line Eating. I hope it gives you even more confidence in taking Bright Line Eating with you or wherever it finds you.  


If you think you might benefit there is a much better way, I assure you.


*I am honoured to be a part of this and can share conclusive documentation of positive results.

+this post contains affiliate links

As you likely know, I participate in Bright Line Eating because I wholeheartedly believe this training will help you achieve a successful body you love. However, if her program does not feel right for you, I completely understand! Did you know Bright Line Eating offers a 30-day money back guarantee!!  If it’s not for you, no problem,  no questions asked!


This website is professionally affiliated with Bright Line Eating, but the stories and opinions are my own.