I’d like to be the one that doesn’t have to hand out apologies, but here I am showing my humanness. My last blog post was almost 6 months ago, back then made some steep promises to myself to and my readers(that’s you!!) I didn’t keep…. I am sorry.

This may sound like a little thing. I’m telling you right now—this is HUGE for me. I like to think I am going to step up and do what I say I will do however in the case of keeping in touch, I bailed.


Now, I am choosing to reach out and rezoom… One thing I have learned from my therapist and other theorists – it isn’t how badly someone screws up, it is the recovery that counts but first … a story:

Before Bright Line Eating I would be online right now, not writing this blog but scouring the internet for the next great answer to my yet unsolvable weight problem. If I had come across a blog like this one I would assume with my negative skeptical thinking that the author disappeared because of relapse and huge weight gain. I am ashamed to admit sometimes it even made me feel better had I found the weight loser to be a regainer like myself so many times.

Thankfully, I change that story.

Here I am now reflecting on a rather brilliant wrap up on 2018, there are more than a few reasons why that was a sweet relief because in 2013 I set big goals!

Five years ago I set out to:

1.Meet the guy

2. Marry him

3. Be a kick ass Life Coach (done, done and done!)

Lose 110 pounds was not on the list because I didn’t believe it was possible! (True story!! Take a look!!)

Before Bright Line Eating (2016) after (2018) weight loss photos


Achieving Goals

There is never any evidence that your next weight loss goal or life’s desires will manifest, in fact, there is very often LOTS of evidence, really really factual and good real-life real-world hard evidence, that there is NO reason for anything you set out to achieve for to actually come true. (WE all hear over and over again, “Diets don’t work!!”) As Susan Pierce Thompson says, losing weight is not for the faint of heart. Right. Things will fall apart, despite our greatest efforts, this as inevitable as breath. No matter how spiritual, how awake you might be, no matter how clear your intention, or what good karma is following you, there is only one certainty: we will all without doubt experience loss, heartbreak and disappointment exist as a component of human life. Whether it is death, divorce, disease or failure to know how to make a change that shakes up our world and makes us face fear, whether it is a broken dream or a broken home that brings us to our knees, brokenness is an essential part of the human experience and a jewel of the spiritual process. Our surrender to the brokenness is not a mistake, but an invitation to give up on our projects of “fixing” ourselves, fix reality and be open to life as it is, in all its vulnerability, all its imperfection.

Bright Mind Bright Body was born through my desire to heal through all related systems greatly improving brain function and eventually peacefully slipping into a right size body.

The simplicity of the plan works if life derailed, Bright Lines get you back on track.


Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution?

I’ve spent the great majority of my life turning a new leaf this time of the year too. A shakey escape on life with a fragile plan that inevitably would be shattered, my scattered brain grasping at food to deal, it didn’t take long to start the familiar downward spiral.

Most of my focus and will power lasered in on white knuckling my food plan instead of really throwing myself into the part about learning how to live my life, like turning to other wholesome means of taking care of myself with loving kindness instead of food…

After letting Bright Line Eating permanently sink in and focusing in on one area that really helped me keep things in perspective. Not to take away from the number of days, weeks and now years I’ve kept my lines bright! But to know that I’ve got a reliable tool for a lifetime of learning how to stay present and deal with life rather than constantly checking my level of crazy and numbing out with food.

A solid daily reboot is my only resolution.

Flexible Thinking Skills

Our attitudes can define our experiences, and telling stories, framed as we choose to is a privilege not to be wasted. The guidelines of Bright Line Eating give a feeling of peace and control about food to use as a tool, or a key to unlock better health and freedom to enjoy life in a whole new way. We are all works in progress. We have the rest of our lives to do the inner work and really live our lives to the fullest.

There is an answer:

I know it will heal something in you.

I know it will help you remember parts of yourself that feel distant now.

I know it will make you better and stronger for other people in your life.

I want that for you.

The bright lines of Bright Line Eating are rigid but not confining. Bright lines are a safe container, a great guide to understanding your relationship to food and incredible blessing that allows the safety and freedom to embrace joy now!

Weight Loss Solutions

On that note, there is an interesting newness brewing over at Bright Line Eating with Susan Pierce Thompson.

Weight loss solutions that give a safety net where otherwise food addicts would free fall with no inner brakes to stop the madness. really hope this will give pause for thought to this so can break this miserable life long cycle.

Bright Line Eating is a simple solution, a rigorous program and it’s not always easy. Eating much simpler foods gives way to a more peaceful brain with fewer cravings.

Internet-based Weight Loss?

So just to clarify, an amazing internet-based weight loss solution, Bootcamp is a powerful and revolutionary weight-loss system that has been followed by literally hundreds of thousands of people in many countries on earth. Social support is a brilliant piece of social media engineering and is key to the programme’s success.

This kind of naiveté isn’t about being dumb or ignoring hard truths, this is why so many smart, successful people excel in every area of their lives, yet still, struggle to lose weight. It’s about cultivating beginner’s mind and refusing to compromise on your ethical standards.

Being so honest about the ups and downs of your journey with an active online community is part of the obesity cure.

If you’ve ever wanted to keep your food sober, sink your teeth into a researched-based model to show you, in detail, how to plan, science that sets up success, Bright Line Eating does exactly that.

And it’s easily worth the cost for a lifetime of freedom.

If you want to skip the mini-course in and just go straight to the deep dive videos, you can do that. Or if you want to skip all of the videos and sign up for the Bootcamp immediately, you can do that too.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and ask away.


Please also spread the word among anyone you know who might appreciate this experience.


P.S. By the way if you don’t need to lose weight or that’s not your thing or you’re not struggling with food addiction (maybe more mentally than physically) take this quiz. If that’s the case then I think you’ll like to ease in with this free webinar is now open, and people are already signing up. I invite you to in for a truly unique weight loss experience.


Pss. Even if you’re super interested in the Bootcamp, I encourage you to watch the free course first since it will warm you up to the exploration and help you make a better decision about whether this deep dive is for you.