Hello my name is Kathleen and…If you have ever mocked a recovery group you know the rest of that storyAnd I am a food addict.

Welcome, I am also hot mess talking about it

Going public is a tricky spot for any addict and perhaps that is what keeps us silent and unsuccessful at seeing the truth. You see I am actually a recovering food addict with hundreds of “clean days”(472 to be exact!). I am blissfully taking a big step into the world to share with people just like you my success with overcoming an addiction I didn’t even know I had!! And because it is a very uncomfortable feeling to leap into the abyss of my own deep dark secrets’ something terrible happened… (I will get to that later, stay with me, I need to muster up some courage)

License to be a Life Coach

To make sure nothing slips through the cracks here and you get a taste of why this is important, let me give you some back story. Professionally, I have all kinds of tools, I have read an entire library of self-help books, been in therapy since I was 21, the number of courses I have under my belt is like a black belt in Life Coaching and I have a decade plus in my awesome private practice. My best intention is to advocate success for myself and clients which has been the driving force in both my professional and personal life. And yet all that wisdom and I didn’t know I was a food addict.

Can we talk about the brain for a minute?

When it comes to the art of the perfect brain, there is some analysis. Brains have been mysterious to scientists for a very long time and to consider we might know how our brain operates is still new to most people. We can look in our own lives and notice how we have performed up there, (or not) and most likely when it comes to weight loss we look to only blame our body. Honestly, I was the exact same, even knowing one of my very own super powers was helping clients figure out their brain, I still believed my body was responsible for the ongoing wrongdoing in the weight department.

Here are some consistent crazy principles I believed:

  1. Mind and body are connected, except when it isn’t
  2. It takes will power to lose weight
  3. Exercise is the only way to a healthy body because diets never work
  4. Love and accept your body regardless
  5. Moderation is key…(but over eating is the norm)
  6. Emotional eating can be resolved if you “get over it”
  7. One size fits all is a lie and XL leggings can never be too stretchy

Boy, was I ever wrong.

The Truth will Set you Happy, Thin and FREE?

I’ve learned a bunch of new brain science from my girl Susan Peirce Thompson, you should check her out because she is super smart and has been in the addiction trenches real deep. (unbelievably heroic in my opinion – from a crystal meth addict to neuroscientist!!). Everything I have learned from Susan has been a dream come true, a desperate prayer answered, the Mother of all weight loss plans, a diet program finally to help me holistically understand the brain is the best way to bring about a healthy, happy, and thin(er) body.

Now let me tell you about that terrible moment I mentioned – three days ago I relapsed. Yes, the ego crushing moment I decided to step forth in the world to share my Bright Line Eating victory – (the miracle diet plan), the wheels fell off my beautiful string of “clean days”. Instead of boldly showing up that day with raw authenticity, I ate stale food slathered with fatty goo. The aftermath of the “episode” was a flood of hot fat tears, deep disappointment, huge frustration and the impeccably timed weekly VLOG from Susan in my inbox like a message from heaven. (leave a comment if you want to know the exact one, there are 100’s). Susan shares openly, sometimes shockingly, she spoke a truth to me that day, something like “If more people knew they were addicts more people could recover… recovery is better than anyone could ever imagine” What?? (Chills!!) I was floored, it is like wishing someone to fail so they can get better?? Yes.

My relapse was the best place for me to start because I am like every recovered addict, I want to be perfect, I want it to “work” so bad, I want to prove Bright Line Eating is the answer. (And it is.) I am here today stronger and clearer and more determined because I started here this new life journey reaching out to the world, at failure.

Come on out?

The cycle of addiction runs in a deep lonely place within us, the antidote to addiction is connection. I almost let the grip of isolation and failure stop me from connecting because my addicted brain wanted me to stay safe, uncomfortable and fat 472 days ago. I reluctantly rode the Bright Line Eating wave at first, trust me, I was a huge skeptic.

If you’ve almost given up attempting to lose weight because you’re exhausted from trying so hard and not succeeding, if your health has become an issue and you’ve got to make a change, or if you just have a few pounds to lose and really would like to shed them and keep them off, then I have good news. You can learn why your brain has been blocking you from losing weight and adopt a simple system that will permanently turn that around. I promise, you CAN amaze yourself, you are smart and sometimes we just need a solid plan.


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As you likely know, I participate in Bright Line Eating because I wholeheartedly believe this training will help you achieve a successful body you love. However, if her program does not feel right for you, I completely understand!


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