I am sure I could buy a pretty nice sports car with all the money I have spent on gym memberships, fitness gear, running shoes, yoga classes, personal trainers, books and all the tracking systems, aps and programs. And since I am being completely honest here I have to admit I hated every sweaty minute of it.

You can probably relate right?

Maybe you are wondering how is weight loss possible without exercise? The entire no exercise concept is against our jocking health and fitness culture. Stick with me here, what I am sharing with you  is not as rare as a Pegasus unicorn but proven in not only the weight loss world but in new brain science too!!

Weight loss takes brains!

Have you ever wondered why it is such a mystery to lose weight and keep it off? Do you feel like giving up before you even start because it is going to knock the crap out of you when you give up(again…)? Are you jealous of that person who lost the weight and secretly rejoice when they too give up?

It seems we are all caught in the same trap of unknowing, confused and scared to have hope that there might be something that could be legit.

You can force yourself to eat less and force yourself to get to the gym, and you will lose weight. That is true.

But it won’t last.

With effort and sheer determination you can do it at first, but in time your brain takes over and demands what it needs. The reason your brain is demanding that you sit on the couch and eat Cheetos is that your insulin levels are too high, and all that insulin is blocking your hypothalamus from seeing the leptin in your blood. (Not because you are a sloth that can’t stick to going to the gym for more than one month on auto pay!)

We don’t have enough willpower to overrule the brain.

Before Bright Line Eating my most successful weight loss times were also my most stressful with intense exercise regimes and most frequent binging times. It seemed perfectly fine to me to have to torture my body with strenuous exercise to reduce my stress and increase my appetite while loosing weight.

The concept where my brain and the hormones that my body produced worked against my long term success was a not even a figment of practicality. Bright Line Eating showed up with freshly harvested brain power science and the exercise myth freed my much relieved exercise realization. When I kicked off my running shoes and stuck to the food plan – juicy leptin jumped on board, and baby how sweet it is!! This to start will take a tremendous amount of willpower. In fact, it will take all you’ve got, and more.

Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain two things:

1. You are not hungry

2. It’s time to get active

After a while, your insulin levels will come down and your brain will start to see your leptin. Your energy will return and you’ll naturally want to get moving more. Get super clear on this fact: your brilliant success, or weight loss failings, will be determined by the food that you put in your mouth.

Hungry for change?

So when you decide to get committed to your health and lose weight, start with a primary focus on changing your food, and only your food. You will be tired at first, because odds are that most days you survive all jacked up on sugar and caffeine. Then again you’ve also been pushing your body too hard in the wrong direction to let this change be graceful. Drink a lot of water. Rest. Keep your eating immaculate. Imagine yourself, like you would any person in recovery, move slowly, breathe, rest, be gentle with yourself, take it easy. Your focus needs to be on building habits. Give yourself a few months to develop rock-solid eating habits. Watch your belly rolls melt away.

Lose exercise and weight loss wins!

No one should have to suffer in a body that doesn’t bring them joy. No one should spend a single additional minute feeling like a failure because conventional diets that don’t work with our brain chemistry fail them.

Bright Line Eating is shattering this paradigm and transcending odds. In fact, recent data shows that an obese person starting Bright Line Eating is 55 times more likely to get into a right-sized body within one year than someone trying any other approach. To participate in a free online workshop that explains the Bright Line Eating difference and how it rewires the brain to create food freedom, CLICK HERE

To lose weight, commit 100% of your energy and focus to establishing the habits of healthy eating. It might be as rare as a Unicorn to chuck the promise of gym membership – exercise compassion and self care with a well nourished brain on behalf of your future success.

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As you likely know, I participate in Bright Line Eating because I wholeheartedly believe this training will help you achieve a successful body you love. However, if her program does not feel right for you, I completely understand!