God showed me the way behind the wheel of my 1993 Volvo station wagon. She was beaut!! A robins egg, baby blue brick wagon, her name was Edith, like eat-ith my dust.

Most of my adult years, I was reckless. A careless driver, a thoughtless spender, an oblivious overeater and looking back most likely harebrained in all avenues of my mediocre life, definitely not a super mom or a trophy wife.

Growing up being a super hyperactive child that became an impulsive hotheaded teenager than channeling the erratic impassioned outrage into unhealthy adult outlets, my most memorable moments were laced with the constant urge to decapitate myself or at least escape my body – like that way too drunk feeling just praying to be sober.

Who would’ve guessed being raised by a Betty Crocker mother or attempting food infamy, inducted into my version of Hell’s Kitchen caused a cognitive breakdown on the daily?

Nothing could shake the feeling that this wasn’t “normal.” There was no way just to shrug away the glitchy feeling, and in my innocence, in my bewilderment, I thought there had to be something out there or someone that could dispel my disillusionment.

If there is a sincere desire to find an answer, you will be guided to the right place, they say.

Smartest person ever

During my spiritual emergency, I kept longing for that someone with devotion, knowledge, wisdom, a humanly average- but fascinating person who explores the world after a series of their private catastrophes.

Somewhere not that far away was Susan Peirce Thompson filled with ambition and budding scientific knowledge, her mind pulsing in daily meditation with the desire to remedy the bewilderment of so many food addicts. Answering the call to people wanting to recover, lose weight, but unable to overcome an addiction to food, she decided to write a book to help.
Susan is the perfect example of an individual greatly enhanced and illuminated by being someone who truly embodies this connection and who can teach and conquer our big fat overfed world.
Bright Line Eating naturally evolved off from a successful 12-step program, expressed in a fun, exciting way, and she also shares her own story a lot. ( Reckless was her middle name also!!) Susan makes diet and science very user-friendly and relatable.

Susan Peirce Thompson walks the talk.

Anybody can give a good talk, write a book, say the right things or attract a massive amount of followers, especially in the multi-million dollar corporate world generated by the diet industry. Not one of those fads ever helped to identify where the compass was pointing in this world of food addiction.

I was drowning, and she pulled me out of the ocean.

In 2010, Julie Powell, a normal NYC girl, tried to save herself with food. The book/blog Julie and Julia was born of her boredom and spiritual pain. My most memorable moment in the book described when Julie sits down to write Julia Child, who had just died, a thank you. She writes, “I have no claim over the woman at all unless it’s the claim one who has nearly drowned has over the person who pulled her out of the ocean.” That line broke me open; it made me sob.

Wanted: Pupil seeks teacher. Must have an earnest desire to throw in a life preserver.

Susan Peirce Thompson is the ferryman who took me from drowning in my addicted ocean safely to the sugar-free shores of my mind, body, and soul.


Imaginary friends grow out of healthy, active imaginations.

Julie Powell never met Julia Childs, yet the impact of their relationship, which only existed inside the heart and mind of Julie forever changed her.

Susan Peirce Thompson is my secret pal, an imaginary friend.

Like Kirk and Spock. Bert and Ernie. Thelma and Louise. Laverne and Shirley. Chandler and Joey. Harry and Hermione- Susan is my cheerleader, a devoted friend offering a listening ear, a virtual hand to hold, or hug when needed, this magical person who is genuine but the truest bond is only alive in my imagination.

Psychology of eating

When I began this journey, someone said to me. You know you are in alignment when everything is working out!

Behind the wheel of my Volvo that day, things were unquestionably not working out. Wrong decision after bad decision, full throttle, living with confusion and sadness taking turns, I was fed up and trying to keep up in the fast lane. Life was spiraling out of control. Barely maintaining anything positive or good, bald tires, black ice, and balls to the wall speed, I lost control of Edith. Two kids under five years old strapped into car seats, twisting and turning I finally slammed my eyes shut as we were catapulting toward a telephone pole. A split-second later (which felt like an eternity) Edith landed in an ocean of calm, back on the road in the right lane, pointing in the right direction, life rezoomed.

The hand of God, I assumed. Though God was not my go-to for anything, I humbly accepted the gesture.

Sometimes things work out that way, perfect alignment when things aren’t working out because the path is being cleared for something bigger perhaps?

Susan Peirce Thompson appeared in the same way with willful, powerful key lessons in the psychology of eating that transformed my ability to do what is right when it comes to food.

We’re all on track whether it feels good or not, and doing a great job. Hungry for answers being very much a seeker of truth and knowledge, in many ways still in spiritual infancy, so clearing the path meant to remove that which is in the way, simplicity in the depth of being replaced the part which separated me from the truth. Like the full correction after a near head-on collision discovering Bright Line Eating, I finally found I was pointed in the right direction from my lips to God’s ears.

Another happy coincidence.


How little we know about the most successful weight loss

This diet dilemma and being nudged by fate has produced a peace around food that I have never experienced.

Despite massive effort and commitment were seeking outside, particularly at times lost in the dark. The help-wanted ad to kick start transformation before losing trust again and again, the application to the universe seeking the ‘inner compass’ of truth – Life didn’t illuminate the “happiness here” button.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is a familiar adage that almost everyone has heard.

Bright Line Eating Boot Camp program is 55 times more successful at getting an obese person into a right-sized body within one year than any other approach, and food choices become automatic.

Take a test-drive! This is all about making efforts to become a better human being- and it is up to you, and you alone, to decide what that looks like. Life is all things. It is not one note. It is an orchestra.

“If you look across fields, the greatest originals are the ones that fail the most…because they’re the ones who try the most” – Adam Grant

My pal Susan Peirce Thompson is the real deal. I highly recommend her videos as a starting point so you can get educated about brain science as it relates to addiction. Get simple tips you can start doing today to regain clarity and live an abundant life full of passion, love, and joy.


“I love Susan! I’m three weeks into boot camp and already lost 12 pounds! Thanks for sharing this Kathleen!” KS

There’s a PROCESS you can learn that takes you step by step through turning your dreams of a healthy body into reality. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to lose – whether it’s the 5 lbs or 100lbs (like me!!). 

Are you curious about your brain on food? Take this 2-minute quiz, leave a comment below and let me know your number!!

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