While traveling across the country with my daughter last summer to visit my family of origin, I got labeled. I literally have dozens of relatives which means it is hard to distinguish who is who especially since I have lived far away for decades, so no doubt I needed an identifying factor. My cousins teenage son (whom I have only met a few times) described me as “the happy one”. What!!? Right on!! I felt so honoured to have championed happiness!

Because being crowned as the cheerful one is surely a spin-off of a frenzied crusade with conquering food addiction.

Solution to food addiction.

Why is food addiction is so challenging?

Life is noticeably spacious with Bright Line Eating. Days are not filled with obsessive and distracting thoughts about food, and now that I am not in the ruthless grip of sugar and flour, it’s wonderful not having to make decisions about food all day long – leaving room for other more fitting emotions and experiences that accurately resemble my life.
Sharing this awareness is one the most exciting realizations for me. Yes, my weight continues to drop and my health is getting better all the time. Gauging the size of my jeans is no match to the level of peace of mind and serenity in my life. I’m so grateful to have found the solution to my food addiction and that it has turned out to be the way to living a truly fulfilling, happy and authentic life.

Bright from here on, it’s just so real.




Good proteins, dairy, whole grains, and lots of vegetables especially green leafy ones, works wonders for the body and the gray matter for that matter. ( more on that.)

Bright Line Eating system is an education and scientific research of why not to fall into misguided information. It’s ironic how some of these choices we make (that don’t seem very big in the moment) wind up having some of the biggest unexpected impact.

About changing the world.

My Yogi tea bag has a quote for the day: The gate to happiness is self compassion.

I’ve met a ton of people on this journey. Some are all about losing weight, and some are about changing the world.

Neither of those goals is bad. For the first time in my life, my life is not revolving around food or pounds.

In fact life is great.

The research of Susan Peirce Thompson concurs: “The reason we honor the Bright Lines and commit to living within them is because we find that consistency and structure make us Happy, Thin, and Free. More than that, they allow us to be the people that we strive to be and to do more of the things we want to do in life. Our focus moves beyond food; we become self-actualized and engaged with the world. That is what we all want our lives to be about.”
There is confidence in seeing the change as a blip on the radar vs a gargantuan shift. This subtle change creates automaticity. When something becomes automatic it frees up tremendous cognitive resources to do other things -then idea of automaticity and experienced/developed and the change is long-lasting. According to the research on average, it took 66 days for the new behaviour to become 95 percent automatic.
Eventually people who start off being about weight loss often wind up pursuing a cause, and people with a cause find there is an ongoing development of well being… Incredibly, vision and courage are everything. When we combine happiness with courageous and we are willing to put in some effort, the explosive effect often results in breaking through limitations and creating exciting transformations for the better.
Start eating healthy, thinking healthy, and looking healthy the right way. Carpe Diem!

Why are fruits and vegetables good for you?

Researchers in Australia and England conducted a study that showed eating up to eight daily portions of fruits and vegetables can lead to increasing overall happiness.

Ramping up your daily serving of fruits and vegetables from zero to eight could spin into the same level satisfaction one would experience from finding a job after being unemployed.

Two key result from the study:

1. Every added portion of fruit and veggies increased happiness accumulatively. Just like compounding interest!!

2. The positive effect of eating more fruits and vegetables is almost instant.

Follow up research determined after 2 years participants still experienced “large positive psychological benefits” directly related eating fruits and vegetables. These findings could prove significant in motivating people to eat healthier. Now, healthy eaters can expect more instant gratification.

Up size your vegetables – take care of mind, have fun, and do more enjoyable things that include enormous belly laughter.

Feed your brain lose your belly.

Susan Peirce Thompson is dedicated to helping people achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss, her program utilizes cutting-edge research to explain how the brain blocks weight loss and she has some fascinating insight into why this is all happening, the mega-addiction to food and sugar. She speaks from her soul and helps others through research and deep experience with her own addiction. She is a psychology professor, a brain and cognitive scientist, and an expert in the psychology of eating. And, most importantly developed a kick ass weight loss program, which is the most effective solution to this worldwide epidemic.

Yes. There was zest, and oomph – I actively lived with heart and soul, but happiness was not always top of mind.

Unexpectedly, beautiful, bountiful fruits and vegetables naturally and completely changed my life.

Ultimately some of that anticipation was hoping for wild success, and some of it’s for the on-the-fly challenges. This was about those little moments we all have, where we have to show up and make a choice.

And yes, it sounds like a shameless brag… sorry about that, but I secretly enjoy the success of my shrinking belly, but to be honest, to be happy, —that’s really all that matters.

Finding a balance.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Shine a light on your path and get absolute clarity. Everywhere we look, people are attaining new heights and pushing toward further horizons. In every field of study, every sector of business, and every aspect of life, things are getting better. Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is in the range of 25-35 times more likely to attain a normal weight within one year than using any other approach. The future is brighter. We live in a world where anything is possible.

“Started the 14-day challenge and am “rocking” it, lost 5lbs so far doing 6 days of the challenge 🙂 it has helped me because it gives me a structure and I feel good. The daily videos make me smile as Susan is awesome and so inspiring.” – JP

To deal with that challenge produced some of the most profound shifts and deepening that has created the biggest ripple in my life. I am happy to be here to share all that with you, along with added resources toward your bliss.

I wasn’t always labeled the happy one.

Now there is something so deeply intimate about being safe enough to make a powerful difference.  Bright Line Eating brings me home to myself again and again and again.

Happiest wild hearts and minds thrive with fruits of the earth.

Life is blessed with all kinds magic and happiness feels like the greatest gift imaginable.

You can get the video here…. the only thing it will cost is your email.


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