Work With Me

You want to be more than your tattered past and more than the recovery that you built way from it all.

When addiction is removed, there is a void that is left.

(yup, time for the work) 

Your most desirable credentials have nothing to do with where or how you find yourself now.  

You want to be more branded with brilliance, bravery, and beauty but the people around you don’t see the daily commitment to the path because maybe you made it look easy.

You’ve built an empire of health, traveled through the fire, toured the torture chamber of your heart, journeyed into the darkness, explored the depths of reconstructing a renewed life, you reached out, reached in and read so so many books.  

Maybe you belong to an online recovery group, a mastermind, went to weekend retreats and listened to momentarily inspiring podcasts.    

I bet your addicted life looked sexier than recovery on social media.

Sober. But still… something is missing.  

Forget the past when it was all about jumping off of the bus before it slammed into the wall. On this bus, we engage and encourage the emotional work that was left to implode in the wreckage of your old addicted ride. 

Because you are a genius! You want a life that’s extraordinary. A life far beyond average or “good enough”.

  • You want to experience joyful states. Often.
  • You want to give back. You want a real, conscious connection. Successful relationships. 
  • To achieve self-mastery. To discover new dreams, and strive to awaken the inkling of slumber within.


If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. 

Our work together will allow you to explore transformational processes, and allow the open-hearted conversation to emerge within yourself. You’ll work with deeply profound mindset shifts and conscious states where you can integrate and explore multiple inward systems with an ongoing state of flow.

Glad you’re here.

You’ll find lessons on boundaries, truth-telling, self-compassion, courage, money love, body love, vulnerability and more. 

Other highlights include the mindset of recovery as a permanent outcome of your daily promise to yourself. 

  • My sober life is about keeping my word to myself. 
  • I attribute everything I know about being a kick-ass Integration Coach, without a doubt, to my sobriety. I guarantee you will agree.
  • You need real, practical wisdom and spiritual tools recovering from whatever addictions of your past.
  • I promise to inspire you to make tangible shifts that will drop-kick your path of discovery to a new depth. 

It’s important work. It’s spiritual work. It’s not simply about non-stop dragging, dropping, deleting and restructuring. 

  • It is about using all the tools.  
  • And permission to delve into the interconnectedness of humanity and your place in it.
  • This work takes you to the deepest part of yourself. 

How do I know? Because I have done it!  

This is the call to breathe the secret breath of life.


We grow in connection with others—let me show you what you can’t yet see. 

I’ll meet you there. (And it’s bloody fantastic!)